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1930-1998 Kit Ravenshear-Master Gunsmith  
Kit Ravenshear was born in Surrey, England in 1930. He began working on guns and restored    
his first firearm, a boxlock pistol, at age 13. The interest followed him through life.

As an adult, Kit was a 2nd Lt (left-ten-nant in the Army) with the Queen's Own Cameron     
Highlanders. He later served as the Weapons Training Officer in the Argyll & Sutherland
Highlander Regiment. After discharge, he served as a police officer in Suffolk and returned to
Scotland to work as a salesman.

Throughout this period, he also served as a part time gunsmith until 1962, when he acquired
Normans of Framlingham, an old gun business. By 1963, he was admitted into the ranks of
Master Gunmaker. Immigrating to Canada in 1971, he settled in Pennsylvannia in 1973.

Kit Ravenshear authored several "how-to"
booklets for aspiring blackpowder gunsmiths. We have
them available for purchase. They are also available from
Dixie Gun Works, Track of the Wolf,
The Rifle Shoppe
, Dixon's Muzzle Loading Shop, and other black powder suttlers.